Sunday, September 13, 2015

Took my Zipps out for maiden voyage!

I purchased a new set of Zipp 606s for IMCDA. Well Ironman did not happen for me this year, so they have been sitting and waiting for their day! Yesterday was their day! I set out to do a 60 mile ride with Amanda, and this was her first big ride with her new tri bike! I decided it was time to take my zipps out for a ride! These wheels are amazing, they are definitely worth the hype about them. They are fast and spin smoothly.

We rode SART, which is the Santa Ana River Trail that goes from Corona to Huntington Beach! We started at Greenriver and had an extremely fast ride to the beach! I averaged close to 20 mph in some parts and overall was extremely pleased with my performance. I am in dealing with an ear infection for the last couple weeks so my training time has been pretty minimal and it definitely showed up on the way back to Corona   I hit the wall at about 50 miles in the last 5 miles were brutal! I did average 16.7 mph overall so I am very happy with that! I Crampton spasms several times at the end of the ride, a day later I am still having a lot of muscle cramps but that is part of the fun I guess!