Sunday, December 9, 2012

The date is set, December 8th 2013.This is my next Ironman. One full year to prepare myself for a full day of excitement, nervousness and pain! The last several years I have fallen a bit short of crossing the finish line! Last year I came down with pneumonia just 2 weeks prior to Ironman! WTH? This seems to be a pattern I can not seem to break out of. My last 10 years have been riddled with injuries and illness! Ironman training is hard on your body, but at 275 it is way too much stress for your body to handle, even if you are Ironjim! This year needs to be different.
To have different results, you need different actions. I know this is a catchy quote but the truth is I'll be 48 soon and I have been dealt with weight issues for a decade and it is time to train smarter, not just more!
I will share with you my daily food intake, training plan, research, etc. Thanks for following me!!

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