Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Welcome 2016, 2015 was great but I know you are going to be even better!

Happy new year everybody! Hopefully you had a great 2015 excited about the potentials for 2016. I'm not big on making resolutions, because I believe it is better to live your life goals but the beginning of the year always gives us a clean slate and something fresh for us to work on! Of course I did not accomplish all my goals for 2015, I'm a firm believer if I would have I didn't set enough goals. CDA did not happen for me last year and of course I was bummed about it, but failures should not drag you down they should build a fire inside of you so that you keep going after your goals to you accomplish them. For the past 10 years my 2 biggest goals has remain the same, *lose weight *finish Ironman. I have been working with a non-triathlete friend on my diet conclusion that I have not been real with myself as far as how I eat! Just because you regularly do 3 to 6 or by grades is not mean you can eat whatever you want! To lose weight, you have to eat like you truly want to lose weight and that means being vigilant and what goes on your plate it in your mouth. I see friends drinking IPAs after their bike rides and of course I want to drink IPAs after my bike ride but that is not conducive to losing weight. Also, I have a new triathlon coach and it is definitely unique to do as I'm told not as I want to do! But this is the year that the demons gets slane. I do what she tells me, I do not do what I think I should do. If you've ever been a self coached athlete me know what I mean! Old habits or difficult to break every now and then I screw up and do more than I should but she keeps me in line. 

I appreciate you checking on my blog, please feel free to comment so I know who actually took the time out of their life to check in on me! Another goal for me this year is to update this blog on a much more regular basis. 

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